It's like telling a story, isn't it? A company's brand should mean something to the owner and to those who engage with it. We therefore made sure that we give it due attention. 

We sell clothes of a COMMON ILKE, they're all high quality vintage, or complementary goods. The ILKE spelling is the old English spelling that still has an ‘E’ on the end. Sounds old, like vintage, and so we liked that.

Our inspiration for the design was all based on heritage military and naval design. In the future we plan to develop our own brand of military and naval functional clothing and wanted to carry this theme through. Our family has a connection with maritime too; with both grandfathers skippering or serving on ships and sadly losing their lives on what would have been their last voyage - we wanted to pay tribute to them.

To create the design, we enlisted the help of talented professional design duo Mandy & Mark Reid-Foster of Submarine. They made sure we gave them a proper brief and then got to work bringing it to life for us. We can't thank them enough for their thoroughness and the care they took, not to mention their patience to create our brand identity. Here's a pic of their glamorous mugs. @submarine_uk

Mark and Mandy Reid-Foster


The logo marque is embedded in the logotype and has been developed from two ideas. The letters C and I from the maritime signal flag alphabet have been stylised to form a letter E and O. When added to the logotype and stacked, the two letters resemble a stylised naval sleeve insignia, in this case the three stripes of a commander. 

Common Ilke logo

Maritime code 

Naval uniform


We introduced a secondary colour palette to support the primary colours, to be used across marketing materials.

Common Ilke colour pallet


Graphics were then added be used across design and photography.


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