The Infamous Swedish Sheepskin

The Infamous Swedish Sheepskin

The Swedish Sheepskin. An iconic bit of kit and an absolute unit of a jacket. Originally made for WWII, but in production well into the 70s, the M1909 has cavernous, rucksack-like pockets which cater for all your survival needs. Versions like the ones featured were made for the Swedish army, and let's face it - if it copes with a Swedish winter it will cope with our British one.

C.I.V History | Swedish Sheepskin

October 2020


A daunting jacket

It’s a jacket that is surprisingly comfortable to wear given its daunting presence and look. One of the most interesting aspects of the Swedish sheepskin is that the design didn't change much from the late 19th century to the 1970s when they were taken out of service.

War and peace

The fact that Sweden didn't participate in any major wars during this era might be the main reason for the lack of further development. That being said does the jacket really need developing? If it gets any more resilient and warm people will start living in them.

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