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Say hello to | Steven Landles, Photographer, who chatted with Alex from the team at COMMON ILKE VINTAGE about his favourite bit of vintage kit.

Location | Durham, North East England

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After priming me with dog treats in advance, Steven answered the door along with wide-eyed whippets ‘Beans’ and ‘Zippy’. Peace offerings accepted, we settled down to talk about our shared passion for vintage clothing. Steven’s vintage 60s era Hunting Jacket takes the top spot on his list of favourite vintage items.


COMMON ILKE VINTAGE -  Tell us, why this particular vintage 60s era hunting jacket is so uniquely special to you?

Steven Landles - I love it simply because I’d never seen one quite like it before. It’s great to take something that is as functional as a hunting jacket from an era or a decade where it would have been used for its intended purpose and then being given the opportunity to have a new life.

I also love the orange pop because I’ve got a bit of an obsession with that colour. When we got our first dog ‘Beans’, we got him a bright orange jumper because it worked with his colouring and when I saw the hunting jacket, I knew I had to get it because it matched perfectly with his jumper.

The fact that it also came with a hunting licence attached was a bonus detail that adds so much more to the character of the jacket. Not to mention that the licence identified the jacket’s previous origin to Michigan - coincidental because I’ve got some friends from Michigan and I liked this connection.


S L - I’ve had so many people comment on the colour of the jacket. What’s great about it is that, without sounding like a total nerd, you can explain to them the era it’s from and where it’s from due to the hunting licence that came with it. And people are really interested, because there’s a history behind it. There’s also wear and tear throughout the jacket as well and you almost make up stories in relation to where it’s been and what it could have been used for because, naturally, you do wonder.

You also need to remember as well that even though the jacket has been dated to the 1960s that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s had one owner in its life until it found me. It may have been worn by somebody else before me who appreciated it the way I did.


C I V - Is it an easy bit of kit to style up throughout the year?

S L - You can style it up in so many ways but a classic pair of Red Wings boots and a pair of heavy denim is perfect. Also, in the winter it’s not a particularly warm jacket but it’s great because it’s so easy to layer up with loads of stuff like a good denim jacket or a camo jacket underneath it. The only restriction I have is deciding what bandana I want to accessorise it with because the orange is so bright.

C I V - What is it about vintage that keeps you coming back for more?

S L - With vintage, the idea of nurturing or breathing life back into something is really appealing to me. And the idea of just throwing something away is quite sad. So, it’s great to have you guys actively sourcing vintage, for people like me, that has the character within it that can be appreciated and given a new life.

Now more than ever so many of us are looking past fast fashion and instead considering buying vintage and quality heritage clothing that is ‘made to last’.


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